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Availability of Results

A results broadcast code-named Form G4/T4 will be sent to each Registration Centre showing the name of the candidate and the grade attained in each of the subjects offered. Statements of results (Results Slip) listing the grades obtained in the subjects entered by each candidate will also be sent to the centre for distribution to individual candidates. The results will be communicated through the Cheif of Centre and not directly to the candidates concerned. Complains regarding candidates results should be sent to the Chief of Centre who shall have the responsibility to forward such enquiries to the Board. The Board may communicate a candidate’s results to universities and other authorities that requests for them, without prior authorisation from the candidate.

Statement of performance

A statement of performance shall be sent to any bona fide educational institution or prospective employer, on request by a candidate. Such statements will not be sent to candidates, their parents or any one claiming to act on their behalf. A fee will be payable for such extra services.

Enquiries upon Results

  1. The marking of papers by the Board or its examiners and the results of such marking shall be final and binding on all candidates and the Board will not, except in its absolute discretion, enter into correspondence about results with candidates or their parents or guardians or other persons claiming to act in locos parents.

     2. Enquiries concerning the results of a candidate must be directed to the Chief of Centre in the first instance. Applications to the Board for a          review of a candidate’s work should be made only where the examination performance shows a marked difference from the anticipated                  performance based on the teacher’s course work assessment. Details of the procedure for dealing with such enquiries and the scale of fees            may be obtained from the Board.

Award of Certificates

  1. The award of certificates is entirely within the discretion of the Board and the Board will not be liable to any candidate in respect to the withholding or cancellation of any certificate.
  2. Certificates remain the property of the Board and proceedings will be instituted against any person who alters one.
  3. All the subjects taken and passed at the same examination shall be included on a single certificate. A candidate who writes both GCE Ordinary Level and Advanced Level, and who merits a certificate at each level, shall receive a separate certificate at each level. 

Issue of Certificates

  1. Certificates for candidates will be issued after six (6) months following the publication of results to the Chiefs of Centres for distribution. A certificate shall be issued only to the candidate himself/herself or persons having legal authorisation from the candidate. Candidates are required to collect their certificates from their Chiefs of Centres, latest at the end of March following the date of publication of results.
  2. External candidates will be required to present their National Identity Card to collect the certificate from Chief of Centre. After March the certificates will be returned to the Board. Any candidate who fails to collect his/her certificate at the level of the centre, will be required to pay a charge upon presentation of a National Identity Card to collect his/her certificate at the Board’s Head Office in Buea or Regional Office in Bamenda.