Press Communiqué Releasing Results of the 2020 Examinations Organized by the GCE Board.


The Registrar of the GCE Board is pleased to inform the general public and especially candidates of the 2020 Examinations organized by the Board that the Board has today, 2nd October 2020, released results of the 2020 GCE Board Certificate Examinations. Candidates will be able to verify their results at the centres where they registered for the examination. In addition, the Results will beread on the radio. Candidates will be able to obtain their results slips from their registration centres sometime later.

Results have been published for the following Examinations:

  • GCE Advanced Level.
  • GCE Ordinary Level.
  • Technical and Vocational Education Advanced Level
  • Technical and Vocational Education Intermediate Level

This Press Communique shall carry the following information:

  • the overall performance of candidates in the 2020 examinations,
  • major highlights of the results,
  • malpractices,
  • future perspectives for the development of examinations organized by the Board,
  • a note of appreciation to all partners and collaborators,
  • the detail results of candidates,

Results by Regions GCE Ordinary Level

RegionRegSatAbsenPassFail% PassSessionExamCodeExamName
Centre203241993036213863606769.5620205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
West96049501936381312067.1620205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
North West52715167943407176065.9420205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
Littoral216332135025413994735665.5520205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
Adamawa13861377987050763.1820205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
South138413671684252561.5920205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
East113011092066844160.2320205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
North615609633927055.6720205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
South West14073138511997295655652.6720205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
Far North701693833835548.7720205100G.C.E Ordinary Level

Results by Regions GCE Advanced Level

RegionRegSatAbsentPassFail% PassSessionExamCodeExamName
North West3637356862267589374.9720207100G.C.E Advanced Level
West61516084614545153974.720207100G.C.E Advanced Level
Far North30029542078870.1720207100G.C.E Advanced Level
Adamawa6946821047720569.9420207100G.C.E Advanced Level
Littoral13924136931929522417169.5420207100G.C.E Advanced Level
Centre14679144092419848456168.3520207100G.C.E Advanced Level
South West858783941605662273267.4520207100G.C.E Advanced Level
East627621641820367.3120207100G.C.E Advanced Level
South6686551338926659.3920207100G.C.E Advanced Level
North346343319914458.0220207100G.C.E Advanced Level

Results by Regions TVEE Intermediate Level

RegionRegSatAbsentPassFail% PassSessionExamCodeExamName
Adamawa2626021580.7720205101T.V.E Intermediate Level
North West1912188723125663166.5620205101T.V.E Intermediate Level
West643639340723263.6920205101T.V.E Intermediate Level
Centre1717166843106160763.6120205101T.V.E Intermediate Level
Littoral28792840361642119857.8220205101T.V.E Intermediate Level
South10100555020205101T.V.E Intermediate Level
South West38563802501534226840.3520205101T.V.E Intermediate Level

Results by Regions TVEE Advanced Level

RegionRegSatAbsentPassFail% PassSessionExamCodeExamName
West34333532706580.620207101T.V.E Advanced Level
North West128512612196229976.2920207101T.V.E Advanced Level
Littoral1999195136134061168.6820207101T.V.E Advanced Level
South West2376231345155076367.0120207101T.V.E Advanced Level
Centre147414283691351563.9420207101T.V.E Advanced Level
South440225020207101T.V.E Advanced Level