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Press Communiqué Releasing Results of the 2022 Examinations Organized by the GCE Board.


The Registrar of the GCE Board is pleased to inform the general public and especially candidates of the 2022 Examinations organized by the Board that the Board has today, 19th August 2022, released results of the 2022 GCE Board Certificate Examinations. Candidates will be able to verify their results at the centres where they registered for the examination. In addition, the Results will be read on the radio. Candidates will be able to obtain their results slips from their registration centres sometime later.

Results have been published for the following Examinations:

  • GCE Advanced Level.
  • GCE Ordinary Level.
  • Technical and Vocational Education Advanced Level
  • Technical and Vocational Education Intermediate Level

This Press Communique shall carry the following information:

  • the overall performance of candidates in the 2022 examinations,
  • major highlights of the results,
  • malpractices,
  • future perspectives for the development of examinations organized by the Board,
  • a note of appreciation to all partners and collaborators,
  • the detail results of candidates,

Results by School Type GCE Ordinary Level

Exam NameCentre TypeRegSatAbsentPassFail% Pass
GCE Ordinary LevelDenominational6236558018475182985.14
GCE Ordinary LevelNon Denominational322252919220421813737974.72
GCE Ordinary LevelGovernment3526031288145203541093465.05
GCE Ordinary LevelExternal23177184093409693871652.65
GCE Ordinary LevelSpecial37282101835.71

Results by School Type GCE Advanced Level

ExamnameCentreTypeRegSatAbsentPassFail% Pass
GCE Advanced LevelDenominational384838298329753286.11
GCE Advanced LevelNon Denominational206552049115115961453077.89
GCE Advanced LevelGovernment17838177478913453429475.8
GCE Advanced LevelSpecial141409564.29
GCE Advanced LevelExternal201561947250510042943051.57

Results by School Type TVEE Intermediate Level

Exam NameCentre TypeRegSatAbsentPassFail% Pass
TVEE Intermediate LevelDenominational697671353014178.99
TVEE Intermediate LevelNon Denominational51664984283581140371.85
TVEE Intermediate LevelGovernment39923766222463130365.4
TVEE Intermediate LevelExternal43364002542308169457.67
TVEE Intermediate LevelSpecial3201150

Results by School Type TVEE Advanced Level

Exam NameCentre TypeRegSatAbsentPassFail% Pass
TVEE Advanced LevelSpecial11010100
TVEE Advanced LevelGovernment1290127910116711291.24
TVEE Advanced LevelDenominational50350214237984.26
TVEE Advanced LevelNon Denominational3233320818264356582.39
TVEE Advanced LevelExternal35983512432425108769.05