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The GCE Ordinary Level unit is one of the units under the Division of Examination. The Division of Examination is headed by a Deputy Registrar in charge of Examinations while the ordinary Level unit is headed by an  Examination Officer. This unit has its responsibilities and duties which include;

  • Preparation and distribution of Registration Materials.
  • Reception and processing of registration forms from registration centres.
  • Moderation of raw test items.
  • Supervision of the Proofreading exercise.
  • Costing and preparation of practical documents.
  • Creation of Registration and Accommodation centres.

 Supervision and monitoring of practical and written examinations.

  • Supervision of marking secretariats and marking proper.

The Ordinary Level examination is made of Twenty-One (21) subjects as shown below;

20510 Biology
60530English Language
70535Literature in English
80540Food and Nutrition
100546Special Bilingual Education French
140562Citizenship Education
150565Human Biology
170575Additional Mathematics
190585Religious Studies
210595Computer Science

More information.

Three of these twenty one subjects have practical components.  That is to say nineteen subjects at the Ordinary Level are two paper subjects while  Food and Nutrition, Special Bilingual Education French and Computer Science have three papers.

Each of these subjects have their specifications as regards the number of questions set per paper, the number of questions to be answered per paper and the scores and weightings are also different. It is important to note that all paper ones are multiple choice (MCQ) made up of fifty questions and candidates are expected to answer all the fifty questions.

These subjects also have subject experts who are very knowledgeable in the various disciplines.

For a candidate to go in for Ordinary Level Examination, he/she must have completed a five-year program in the Secondary School level. He / She is allowed to go in for at least four Ordinary Level Subjects and at most eleven  subjects, but the 11th subject must be Religious Studies.

Another important condition for registration at the Ordinary Level is that, the four subjects must include English Language, French and Mathematics. This implies that English Language, French and Mathematics are compulsory subjects at the Ordinary Level. However, candidates can also go in for single subjects.

The registration fees at GCE Ordinary.

  • Registration fee – 8000frs
  • Subject fee – 1000frs
  • Practical fee – 5000frs
  • Franking of form G3 – 1000frs

The above fees are applicable presently at the GCE Board

Registration conditions.

Candidates for Ordinary Level examinations shall offer at least six subjects which must include the following: English Language, French, Mathematics. However, candidates who already possess a pass in at least four Ordinary Level subjects or other equivalent qualification may enter for additional single subjects. candidates may enter for at most eleven subjects at Ordinary Level if they desire to include Religious Studies. Repeat candidates must enter for compulsory subjects, unless they show proof that they already possess a pass in the subjects. Photocopies of Results Slips and Certificates must be attached upon registration.