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Request for Duplicate Result Slip

Enquiries upon Results

  1. The marking of papers by the Board or its examiners and the results of such marking shall be final and binding on all candidates and the Board will not, except in its absolute discretion, enter into correspondence about results with candidates or their parents or guardians or other persons claiming to act in locos parents.

2. Enquiries concerning the results of a candidate must be directed to the Chief of Centre in            the first instance. Applications to the Board for a review of a candidate’s work should be              made only where the examination performance shows a marked difference from the           anticipated performance based on the teacher’s course work assessment. Details of the procedure for dealing with such enquiries and the scale of fees may be obtained from the Board.

Duplicate Certificates / Results Slip

  1. A duplicate certificate/results slip will be issued only when satisfactory evidence of identity of the candidate is available. Where the Board is satisfied with the evidence provided in this respect and agrees to the issue of a duplicate certificate / results slip, a time gap of at least two working days will be allowed.

Applications for duplicate certificates/results slips shall be addressed to the Registrar. Such an application shall be accompanied by the following;

  1. A certificate of Loss issued by the police or other constituted authority.
  2. A duplicate certificate / results slip fee (amount to be fixed by the Council of the Board).